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Barry G,Alicia Bogues and Ron Muschette at OB

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Judian's Mom, Barry G and Singer Judian 2015

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London Singer Judian with Barry G 2015.

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Barry G and London Singer Judian Praise 2012

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Steele & Barry G Sept. 2015

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Billy-Ocean-and-Barry-G - New York 2015

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Etana and Barry G - April 2015

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. Copeland,Barry G and Winford Williams In New York 2015

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Barry G and Coco Tea - New York 2015

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Barry G and Capleton in New York 2015

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Syndicate Dee Henry and Barry G

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Abby Dallas and Barry G

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Barry G and Ikaya

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Barry G and Rhia - Ron Muschettes Daughter

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Karen Smith, Dean Frazer and Barry G

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Barry G and Paula Ann Porter

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Barry G and Francois

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Chatterbox, Al Robinson, Barry G and Heather Cummings

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Fae Ellington and Barry G in 1976

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Barry G At 17 On JBC

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Barry G On Soapbox, Halfway Tree - 1977

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Barry G and Anju Priest - August 2015

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Barry G Newsroom

Barry G Newsroom
Ebola Vaccine Gold Rush
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Barry “G” Still Rules Afternoon Radio After 37 Years
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Welcome To The Barry G Syndicate

My Master Mind World Network

Things To Avoid

Amazing stuff as we analyse what we are consuming and their impact on our lifestyle ! Imagine the many sicknesses being attacked by the choices we make....Try these :


1. Avoid White Rice - go Brown Rice or the best Rice - The Black Rice/The Forbidden Rice.


2. Avoid White Sugar - (this is like poison) - go Dark Sugar in moderation or start appreciating Honey.


3. Avoid White Flour - go Whole Wheat but consult your Doctor regarding your consumption of Wheat/ Blood Type.


4. Avoid White Bread - DON'T go Brown - go Whole Wheat but consult your doctor regarding your consumption of Wheat/Blood Type.


5. Avoid White Salt - start appreciating Sea Salt - no more than 1 teaspoon of Salt in a 24 hour day.


6. Avoid Red Meat.


7. Avoid Fried Food - learn to cook without oil.


8. Avoid the short journeys - learn to enjoy walking - stop looking the nearest park anywhere - enjoy walking the distance.


9. Avoid BIG eating late at nights.


10. Avoid Dairy Products - Ice Cream, Milk, Cheese,Butter - everything in moderation.
11. Avoid Cooked Food some days - Water, Fruits and Vegetables all day.

Follow these tips for 30 days then Call The Barry G Health Foundation - 883-2777 ! Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1. When you wake in the morning, before brushing your toothpaste chemicals please, drink 1 glass of room temperature water and if you can manage 2 would be great......this is all about drinking water on an empty stomach.

2. Do not eat or drink anything for the next 45 minutes.

3. Have a fruit before  eating or drinking anything else.


Apply this lifestyle start to your day and watch the impact on HEADACHES, ARTHRITIS, BODY ACHES, FAST HEARTBURN, TB,


Drinking water on an empty stomach has been a true treatment for HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, GAS PAIN, GASTRIC CHALLENGES




While listening to the Barry G Show and reading the many testimonies as well as the many lifestyle practices posted on the Barry G Health Foundation that has worked for so many citizens on the planet and has been successful empowerment for many. Please consult your licensed medical care giver about any opinion or lifestyle practice you wish to adopt; you do so at your own risk since under the laws of Jamaica only a licensed medical practitioner can dispense medication.

My conclusions, opinions and thoughts posted on the Barry G Show and the Barry G Health Foundation website are information for educational purposes only. You are responsible for your lifestyle choices as I thank and acknowledge the many people in Jamaica and the rest of the world for assisting me on this journey....I am humbled by this mission of sharing with the world.


1939......The 1st broadcast transmission by way of "SHORTWAVE HAM RADIO"

1940......The first Radio Station in Jamaica....ZQI 1950......The Jamaican Government granted licence to the JAMAICA BROADCASTING CORPORATION...JBC...for commercial radio broadcasting.

1953.......Jamaica was the 1st British Colony to introduce  FM BAND transmission.

1959.......The Jamaican Government started JBC Radio as part of The Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation

1960 to 1972....There were only 2 Radio Stations.....RJR and JBC...until RJR RADIO started broadcasting in 1972.

1975.......Barry G joined JBC in September that year becoming the youngest broadcaster on radio at the time....17 years old.

Barry-G-Radio-History1978.......3 years later Barry G became the No.1 radio personality in Jamaica for successive years with 2 to 6 SUPERMIX and BOOGIE DOWN. While RJR was the No.1 station The Barry G Show on JBC was the No.1 Show on Jamaican Radio....Whenever Barry G was on JBC became No.1.

1987.......Barry G left after 12 years and joined RJR and became the highest paid Radio Broadcaster in Jamaican radio's history.

1988.......Barry G became the 1st Radio Personality to have more than 2 Million listeners in a population of 2.3 Million.

1989.......Barry G returned to JBC and JBC became No.1 again whenever Barry G was on.

1989.......JBC died that same year and became HOT 102.

1991.......Barry G left JBC to help the start of POWER 106 in 1992.

1994.......Barry G left POWER 106 and joined KLAS FM.

1996.......Barry G left KLAS and joined HOT 102 then retired in 2000.

2008.......Barry G returned to All-Island radio at MELLO FM...Montego Bay

The Best Erection and Stay Erect For The Moment

For Adult Audience Only...                                                              

So the left side of your Brain controls the right side of your body while the right side of your Brain controls the left side of your body - now what are you thinking when we consider where the Penis is situated on a man's body ? 

We agree that an erection results from a process which is heavily influenced by the flow of blood to the Penis but we must factor the quality and quantity of that blood in circulation.

Anything which is affecting your blood circulation will eventually be impacting on your ability to have an let us break it to you gently.

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION and PREMATURE EJACULATION are the 2 major challenges for most men. Now how do you identify which situation is impeding your sexual performance ? Test yourself on these circumstances :



1. How many times were you having sex in a day ?

2. How many times were you having sex at nights ?

3. After the first climax, how quickly were you erect again ?

4. Did you climax and go off to sleep or were you energised to go another one ?

5. Were you easily turned on by anything you considered sexy ?

6. Were you so horny that you were forced to masturbate ?




1.  When you have the desire to have sex, are you anxious ?

2.  Do you take time to FOREPLAY with your partner or do you just want to penetrate ?

3.  Are you having a problem getting an erection ?

4.  Describe the type of erection you have.....None...Slow then stiff....Sudden stiffness that does not stay...Stiffness that does not stay when you enter ?

5.  Describe how long your erection stays inside her ?

6.  If you climax quickly, do you get another erection later in time for a round 2 or that's it for that session ?

7.  After you lose that first erection, can her playing with it create another erection in that moment ?

8.  If you lose erection, do you become dejected or try things to please her ?

9.  If her body excites you, do use strategy ( try little things ) in timing yourself so you can last longer in pleasing her ?

10  When you enter how long do you last ?

11. Compare your performance in foreplay then enter later versus no foreplay and sudden entry.

12. Describe your staying erect inside and how long you perform ?

13. Do you have to take anything to assist erection ?

14. Do you have to take anything to assist performance ?

15. After the first climax do you have the drive to go again ? How long does that drive last ?

16. As men get older the desire for sex changes...describe where you are with your sex life !

This reasoning is most important in addressing.....Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation

Barry G Honoured


By Mel Cooke—-

It has been six years since International Reggae Day (IRD), produced by Jamaica Arts Holdings (JAH), has ventured outdoors for a large-scale event, to complement the standard 24-hour worldwide media festival. In 2006, the celebration of Jamaican popular music was held at the Cable and Wireless Golf Academy in New Kingston (“It was a huge production, but low turnout,” says JAH’s Andrea Davis) and two years previously, there was a celebration at Hope Gardens.

AndreaDavisIntlReggaeDayOn July 1, International Reggae Day returns to outdoor activities in a big way, with a three-pronged approach at Emancipation Park, the site of a celebratory tree-planting ceremony in 2010. As Davis puts it, “what we want to deliver this year is a media festival anchored by a creative expo and concert experience in Kingston”.

For its 18th celebration, International Reggae Day will be part of another three-pronged set-up, as it is part of the Jamaica 50 calendar on the weekend when the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) presents a Military Tattoo and the National Senior Trials in track and field takes place at the National Stadium. Davis laughs as she says that the Sunday celebration is the weekend’s “wrap-up party”, but she is not joking as she emphasises the strong position of Jamaican popular music in the country’s worldwide branding.

Home-grown artists

And she has statistics from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) in the United States to prove the reach of Jamaican music, plus her organisation’s tracking of touring patterns, the growth of home-grown artistes in other countries performing Jamaican popular music and the number of Jamaican popular music-related events in those countries.

The NEA study is from 1992 to 2002, and gives a national percentage affinity for reggae of 19 per cent in 1992 and 16 per cent in 2002. The US reggae community is further broken down into indicators such as race, gender and income.

“To some extent, it represents the demographic for the European market as well,” she said.

DermontHusseyAn extensive list of countries comes out of Davis’ research into the strong markets for Jamaican popular music, including Brazil, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Indonesia, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Costa Rica and Venezuela. And Davis confirms that so far, International Reggae Day 2012 has had strong interest from media in a number of countries on the list, noting that it is especially strong in some African countries, including Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya.

International Reggae Day has a long-standing tradition of honouring standouts in Jamaican popular music, Copeland Forbes, Bobby Digital, Marcia Griffiths, Sean Paul, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, and Toots and the Maytals among past awardees. This year, the focus is on media, Dermot Hussey, David Rodigan and Barry G being the awardees.

“They will be honoured as trailblazers in broadcasting and for their role in the international spread of Jamaican music throughout their careers,” Davis said.

Musical clashing

BarryGIn addition to the concert, guest selectors from media will play recorded music and there will be a Jamaica 50 Must Play Mix between Barry G and Rodigan. The two have a long history of musical clashing between them, going back to the earliest days of the Sleng Teng riddim in 1985. However, Davis is adamant that there will be no clash.

A CD for the day will have Toots and the Maytals, Sly and Robbie, Ky-Mani Marley, I-Wayne, Jah 9, Raging Fyah, Marcia Griffiths and Jesse Royal.

The Toots and the Maytals album Unplugged on Strawberry Hill, the commemorative EP Ska Never Grow Old and the documentary Reggae Got Soul are slated for July 1, as is Gramps Morgan’s album Reggae Music Lives.

She is encouraged by the media response so far. “I think IRD has got to the point where as a media festival, particularly, it has grown legs and it continues to build momentum.

DavidRodigancloseup It has become a calendar event, to the extent that at a particular point in the year media start to contact us,” Davis said.

And, noting the place of International Reggae Day among the various avenues pushing the Jamaican brand, Davis said “it is now part of the toolkit we have in terms of marketing Jamaica”.