Tuesday, 03 March 2015
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    Carols 54 Canada On The Barry G Show

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    Josett, Barry G and Superwoman Singer Karen White

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    Christopher Martin and Barry G December 2014

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    Romain Virgo and Barry G - Euphoria, December 2014

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    Audrey Reid and Barry G at Euphoria Dec. 2014

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    Barry G and Robert Livingstone

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    Barry G, Winford Williams and Audrey Reid

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    Jaden and Uncle Barry G In Mello FM Studio

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    Petes Millan In Mello FM Studio

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    Pon Jamaican Radio-Al Robinson / Richie B / Ron Muschette / Barry G

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    Barry G At Outside Broadcast 1993

    Ebola – Accident or Genocide?

    Source: Deserpeace

     A new Conspiracy Theory to ponder 

    AIDS and Ebola VirusesWere “Man-Made:”Expert Shocks National Radio Audience

    AIDS and Ebola viruses did not originate from monkeys left alone in the wild – they were bioengineered in American laboratories. So says an internationally known public health authority with Harvard credentials, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, based on a review of more than 2,500 government documents and scientific reports, some gained through the Freedom of Information Act and never before revealed to the general public.

     “The Gary Null” show, originating in New York on WBAI radio, syndicated in 20 cities and heard by more than a million people, will air this information, and more, during a one hour interview with Dr. Horowitz beginning on Tuesday, April 23, from 12:00 to 1:00 PM e.s.t., and later in the week throughout the country. Listeners will learn that HIV-1, and its parent, HIV-2, have been traced to National Cancer Institute (NCI) and military funded cancer virus experiments which used infected African green monkeys to produce vaccines intended to prevent hepatitis, leukemia, and other cancers.

    Read more: Ebola – Accident or Genocide?
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    Ebola vaccine gold rush: Tekmira investors need a full-blown pandemic to really cash in Learn more

    How do you make money from a deadly pandemic? According to tens of thousands of investors, you plow money into Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, the company that's suddenly the darling of the pharmaceutical industry due to its early R&D work on an Ebola vaccine.

    The company's Ebola vaccine trial was on hold by the FDA, but after a calculated petition was posted last week urging the FDA to allow the trial to move forward, the FDA reversed its position and announced a fast-track approval for human trials. Tekmira's stock price skyrocketed nearly 100% and now stands at around $26 per share. (Since when did an online petition ever get the FDA to move on anything other than pharmaceutical profits?)

    Over 28 million shares of Tekmira stock changed hands last Friday in a flurry of buying activity. But have all these investors really thought about what would be necessary for Tekmira to earn a profit on its research?

    Read more: Ebola vaccine gold rush: Tekmira investors need a full-blown pandemic to really cash in Learn more
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    Barry G is back

    Order-of-Distinction2In fact, Uncle Barry, as his younger listeners call him, has been back for quite a while. And although he says he is no longer the "Boogie Man", he has gradually taken hold of afternoon radio, just as he did in the days when the Boogie Man was synonymous with radio.

    Listeners are hearing a more mature Barry G, who, having recovered from a stroke in 2007, is extremely health conscious. He talks and walks the health road -- belly fat, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, the need for exercise -- all come under his microscope. He talks relationships and he also talks sex. And, of course, he plays games -- mind games, head games, text games and win-phone-credit games. It's called the "Brainstorm". Read more: Barry G is back

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    Barry “G” Still Rules Afternoon Radio After 37 Years

    Source: Real Time Magazine

    It’s amazing! After 37 years in radio broadcasting, Barry Gordon (Barry G) is still ahead in afternoon radio in Jamaica.
    As soon as Mello FM (a Montego Bay-based radio station) went islandwide in 2011, the news spread like the proverbial wildfire that Barry G was back. Dials were soon tuned to 88.5 as his legions of followers from  the 70s savoured the good news. 

    The only serious contenders that Barry G has in the afternoon are Richard “Richie B” Burgess of Hot 102 FM and  Khadine Hylton the self-styled “Fluffy Diva” who goes by the name Miss Kitty on RJR 94 FM.

    Read more: Barry “G” Still Rules Afternoon Radio After 37 Years
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    Barry G Honoured


    By Mel Cooke—-

    It has been six years since International Reggae Day (IRD), produced by Jamaica Arts Holdings (JAH), has ventured outdoors for a large-scale event, to complement the standard 24-hour worldwide media festival. In 2006, the celebration of Jamaican popular music was held at the Cable and Wireless Golf Academy in New Kingston (“It was a huge production, but low turnout,” says JAH’s Andrea Davis) and two years previously, there was a celebration at Hope Gardens. Read more: Barry G Honoured

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    Western Mirror Newspaper

    Montego Bay: “Any reference to me as the Boogieman is not only trivial, it’s empty, as my new mission is a spiritual and earthy one, giving me the opportunity to connect with humanity on a totally different level.”

    Those are the words of Barrington Gordon, known to all as Barry G, who at the pinnacle of his career in the 80s as ‘godfather of the Jamaica airwaves’, ‘afternoon jock’, ‘king of afternoon radio’ and a myriad of other lofty references was using his radio show to command over 2-million listeners; almost all of Jamaica’s population of 2.3-million at the time. Read more: Western Mirror Newspaper

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    All For Good Health

    The 'Boogie Man' all for good health
    Jamaica Gleaner: published: Friday | May 11, 2007

    Krista Henry, Staff Reporter

    Barry G For Good HealthWhile on the road to recovery, ex-radio disc jockey, Barrington 'Barry G' Gordon, is steadfast in being a pioneer for health care.

    As previously reported by The Gleaner, Barry G, dubbed 'The Boogie Man', suffered a severe stroke in April and was hospitalised in Florida, United States.

    According to the report, Barry G had been unable to walk upright, had been stuttering and had constant hiccups.

    The stroke occurred while driving back and forth from Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, to Mandeville, Manchester.

    While in Savanna-la-Mar, Gordon sought help from a doctor there who proved very unhelpful, causing Barry G to eventually go to Florida for treatment. He was there since, until his recent return to Jamaica for 'cultural therapy'.

    Helping others

    At the 'Barry G 'Back To Life' press conference, held in the El Dorado Room, of the Terra Nova Hotel, Waterloo Road, St. Andrew, yesterday morning, the radio pioneer was looking fit and healthy. Read more: All For Good Health

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    Barry G hospitalised

    Source: Jamaica Gleaner
    published: Thursday | April 26, 2007

    Krista Henry, Staff Reporter

    Radio pioneer Barrington 'Barry G' Gordon has recently suffered a severe stroke and is at present hospitalised in Florida.

    Layout1 1 POMZUBarryGorAMIn a telephone interview with The Gleaner, a very shaky-sounding Barry G told how happy he was to be alive. "I was on a flight from Montego Bay to Florida; when I was airborne I wanted to use the bathroom and when I got up I felt like I was stumbling - my wife had to assist me. Since then it has been downhill, I had to be wheelchaired off the plane and taken straight to the hospital," he said.

    According to Barry G, the incident occurred within the last two weeks and he has since been undergoing many different treatments, including food therapy and constant exercise.

    He elaborated that the doctors have been doing every test possible and still have not pinpointed where in his body the stroke originated.

    Doing well

    Since the stroke the ex-talk host has not been able to walk upright, has been stuttering and has constant hiccups. However, despite the effects, Barry G says the doctors are surprised that he has been doing so well. Read more: Barry G hospitalised

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    Barry G’s 20 years of love

    Source: The Jamaica Observer

    barry1ON the eve of their 20th anniversary, radio host Barry ‘Barry G’ Gordon is using All Woman to publicly show his love to his wife Josett. Happy anniversary.

    Their story

    TWENTY years ago Barry G returned to his former employers Jamaica Broadcasting

    Corporation (JBC) after leaving RJR. His job was to get back all the listeners he had taken away from JBC when he left. At the same time he had a long distance relationship 140 miles away — in Savanna-la with a Manning’s School graduate. Her name was Josett Williams.

    Fastforward to September 29, 1990, to what the couple dubbed ‘The Wedding Of The Year’. They got married in Montego Bay, a ceremony that got coverage on television.

    The following day they flew to Hawaii on their honeymoon and the hallmark of the 20-year union has been the travels to many countries around the world as Barry G was contracted to host many shows.

    Their love has stood the test of time.

    In the 20 years, the Gordons have clocked miles to Bermuda, Barbados, Italy, 20 states of America, Antigua, Japan, Canada, England, Mexico and the Cayman Islands, with numerous return visits to some countries.

    In 1990, though the couple faced rumours that they couldn’t maintain the marriage because of Barry G’s demanding career and Josett running her trucking business in Westmoreland, they have stood together for 20 years and going strong.

    Barry G and Josett: It’s everlasting love.

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    Barry G Radio History

    Source: Jamaica Gleaner - November 26, 2006
    Krista Henry, Staff Reporter

    Glory days Barry G tuned in to the airwaves

    BarryG HistoryBarrington 'Barry G' Gordon was the voice that commanded the airwaves through the 1980s, compelling interest and pulling in the highest ratings on radio. He is nothing less than a monument of radio history in Jamaica, with more than 20 years under his skilled hands. Yet, as radio moves into the realm of simply mixing music, the likes of his unique delivery fade from memory.

    A simple country man at heart, Barry G's career has been marked with controversy, longevity and change. Every day for Barry G on air was a new experience, a new issue and a wider mix of music. He set a standard for radio personalities that has been left sadly wanting. That has not stopped this dynamo from patiently watching, waiting to come back with an all-new surprise and fulfil his role as master of the airwaves.

    Sunday Gleaner: How did you get started in radio?

    Barry G: My interest started when I was at Kingston College. While in sixth form I realised many of the broadcasters were KC old boys. Out of that KC spirit my interest was fuelled. Read more: Barry G Radio History

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    Jamaica Radio History

    1939......The 1st broadcast transmission by way of "SHORTWAVE HAM RADIO"

    1940......The first Radio Station in Jamaica....ZQI 1950......The Jamaican Government granted licence to the JAMAICA BROADCASTING CORPORATION...JBC...for commercial radio broadcasting.

    1953.......Jamaica was the 1st British Colony to introduce  FM BAND transmission.

    1959.......The Jamaican Government started JBC Radio as part of The Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation

    1960 to 1972....There were only 2 Radio Stations.....RJR and JBC...until RJR RADIO started broadcasting in 1972.

    1975.......Barry G joined JBC in September that year becoming the youngest broadcaster on radio at the time....17 years old.

    Barry-G-Radio-History1978.......3 years later Barry G became the No.1 radio personality in Jamaica for successive years with 2 to 6 SUPERMIX and BOOGIE DOWN. While RJR was the No.1 station The Barry G Show on JBC was the No.1 Show on Jamaican Radio....Whenever Barry G was on JBC became No.1.

    1987.......Barry G left after 12 years and joined RJR and became the highest paid Radio Broadcaster in Jamaican radio's history.

    1988.......Barry G became the 1st Radio Personality to have more than 2 Million listeners in a population of 2.3 Million.

    1989.......Barry G returned to JBC and JBC became No.1 again whenever Barry G was on.

    1989.......JBC died that same year and became HOT 102.

    1991.......Barry G left JBC to help the start of POWER 106 in 1992.

    1994.......Barry G left POWER 106 and joined KLAS FM.

    1996.......Barry G left KLAS and joined HOT 102 then retired in 2000.

    2008.......Barry G returned to All-Island radio at MELLO FM...Montego Bay

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    While listening to the Barry G Show and reading the many testimonies, as well as the many lifestyle practices posted on the Barry G Health Foundation, please understand how they have worked for so many citizens on the planet. Kindly consult your medical care giver about any opinion or lifestyle practice you wish to adopt; you do so at your own risk since under the laws of Jamaica only a licensed medical practitioner can dispense medication.


    My conclusions, opinions and thoughts posted on the Barry G Show and the Barry G Health Foundation website are information for educational purposes only. You are responsible for your lifestyle choices as I thank and acknowledge the many people in Jamaica and the rest of the world for assisting me on this journey....I am humbled by this mission of sharing with the world.

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    Little Hero Reggae Artiste

    Abby Dallas